What is kindness at work?

We have seen unlimited kindness from our communities in recent times.  “If you can be anything, be kind” “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all” “Work hard, be kind” The internet is littered with posts and pictures about #kindness which is a wonderful thing. I want more of it. Lately though, as […]

In the right conditions everything can grow

This cutting is a cutting from a spiderwort plant which I grew from a broken stem picked from the dusty floor of the Lidl in Surrey Quays. This cutting is thriving in good old 100% London Tap Water. In the right conditions everything can grow, be strong, beautiful and healthy. Nature is the teacher I […]

Mostly, safe from discrimination and street crime at home

Every situation has a flip side. For all the pain this global pandemic is chucking at us I am grateful for the gifts it is giving us too. Many of us have been able to slow down and, outside of living through the horror of the fragility of society and an underfunded safety health service, […]

The reliable comfort of no surprises

I used to think people who went back to the same place on holiday year after year were really, really boring – now I have become someone who goes back to the same place on repeat, I’ve had to ask myself a couple of questions; what make a holiday destination a keeper and am I […]

Safe solo travelling according to your mother

A few days ago I responded to a tweet about practical advice for solo female travelling and my response has been saved loads so I thought I’d put all my thoughts into a blog post.  I have travelled lots on my own, mostly for work and to very safe places across the US, Europe and […]

The other side of overwhelm

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Breakthough Writers Festival thoughtfully put together by Kerry Hudson to support and encourage more writers from working class backgrounds. I’ve not read it yet but her memoir, Lowborn reflects on growing up poor and with a mother who struggled. Two experiences I know very well. I […]