Safe at home

Pretty orange house

What a privilege is it to be able to say you are safe at home.

In these lockdown times I can’t help but think about all the people who are going to work, in addition to NHS staff, there are the refuse collectors, the postal people, lorry drivers, shop workers, supply chain workers, cleaners, teachers, nursery workers, maintenance and facilities people, bus drivers, engineers, insurance assessors, social workers and so many others all going work, putting themselves at risk. And then there are the people who are at home but not safe, be that because they live with someone who has demons or they have their own demons or their home just isn’t safe. The amount of substandard accommodation in this country is appalling. Back in September the The Guardian reported that more than 8 million people, the equivalent to the population of London, are living in unsuitable housing in England. 8 million people – how is that even possible? How are we not ashamed of that?

I hope the massive spotlight currently being shone on the equality of this country is something we don’t forget when we are through the worst of this pandemic. The lowest paid in our society are the ones holding it together and then going home to their often overcrowded, substandard, overpriced accommodation where if they are lucky they can enjoy a less than healthy meal.

I can honestly say I have never been more ashamed of this country.

How we treat our vulnerable people, the elderly, the sick, the poor, is a reflection of us, those that can make a difference and a change. We may not be responsible for the pandemic but we are responsible for how the people facing it, fighting it, fearing it everyday are treated every day, not just during a pandemic.

We need to do better, much much better.

Yeah – and I have time to update my blog, for if not now when?

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