After a 10-year hiatus I am returning to writing. Before my, insert quote fingers, break I was delighted to have been published in Pride Magazine, The Telegraph and to have chatted about the lack of career progression across the civil service for women who looked like me on BBC’s Women’s Hour and Sky News. I also won a Spread The Word new writers competition and received mentoring on my work from acclaimed novelist Sophie Kinsella.

Somehow I stopped writing when I was growing baby number two and studying for a MA in Creative Writing. As happens too often work and responsibility took a permanent seat at my table. That and fear of course, so I’m using this website as a place to get used to sharing my work and getting used to being a bit braver.

When I’m not writing, decorating, sewing, parenting or taking care of my responsibilities I work with organisations who value people, the planet and profit to help them be more impactful. You can find out more about my consultancy work at TheHackneyHive.com

They say you should write what you know” and I’m doing my best to do that. I am working on ‘Marisol’s Baby’ a fictionalised version of my mother’s experience in a mother and baby home in 1970.  As well as editing my book I’m writing short stories about the care system, what happens when poor mental health is not treated, single parenthood and abusive relationships. I also write about dear friendships, sunshine, beaches, the joy of home and motherhood. I would love to hear from you if you would be interested in publishing my work.

You can reach me on my email, deniserawls@rocketmail.com

“I am the bastard child of Empire and I will have my day.” 

Andrea Levy 1956 – 2019